Detailed Work Experience

American Express: Aug 1992 - April 1994


Analyst / Programmer
IBM 3090 under MVS/XA
COBOL/2, CICS, LYNX, JCL, SQL, Easytrieve, Roscoe, DOS.
DDB2, TSO/ISPF, QMF, Datamanager, Micro Focus Workbench, File aid, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Windows, OS/2 .
Descriptive Billing system including transaction based marketing for all European, Middle Eastern and African Markets.


DB2 consultant for a team of programmers providing a link between them and the DBA.
  Design of DB2 SQL calls with respect to performance.
  Design and development of COBOL/2 CICS Online programs & shells.
  Design and development of COBOL/2 batch Programs.
  Design and development of LYNX statements.
  Coordinator of Acceptance testing team.
  System testing and Acceptance testing the Billing system.
  24 Hour Support of Live batch system.
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