Detailed Work Experience

Royal Bank of Scotland: Feb - Oct 2002


Consultant Data Analyst
Mainframe Environment
IBM 3090 under MVS/XA
PC Environment
DB2, TSO/ISPF, QMF, Datamanager, File aid, Infoman, PVCS Tracker, Visio, Ms Word, Excel, Powerpoint.

At RBoS I worked on the major project to transfer and convert all the Natwest data onto the RboS systems. The conversion and integration project was the biggest project of its kind ever implemented anywhere in Europe. £158 billion was transfered between systems in a single weekend implementation. The project was a resounding success not least indicated by the sharp gains in the RBoS share price after October 9th. I worked as a systems analyst on the team responsible for mapping data from one system to the other. My responsibilities included:

Analysing data structures to map data from one system to the other.
Investigating testing failures related to data issuess.
Documenting data requirements for test environments and manually populated data structures.
Conducting system wide searches for relevant mapped data.
Estimating DASD requirements for test systems based on test specifications.
Managing and allocating use of the DASD storage pools by analysing past usage and projecting future needs.

Towards the end of the project I worked shifts around the clock to support the final stages of proving and Implementation.

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