Detailed Work Experience

Somerfield : Oct 1994 - Dec 1995


Lead Technical Designer
IBM 3090 under MVS/XA
COBOL/2, JCL, SQL, CICS, DOS, Navigator.
DB2, TSO/ISPF, QMF, File aid, OS/2, Microsoft Windows 3.1, Microsoft Office, ABC Flow charter.
Central hosting system to store inventory management PCs.


Design of batch COBOL/DB2 system to extract data held centrally and host it to the Store Inventory Management (SIM) PC system.
  Construction of data models, flow diagrams and program specs.
  Supervision of the team of programmers constructing the system.
  Q/A of all programmers work.
  Planning and execution of system test.
  Execution of performance and volume testing.
  Construction of user test environment.
  Planning of the project implementation.
  Support for implementation and subsequent live running of the system.
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