CV - Steve Ridley

Work History


Nov 2002 - Present, American Express Europe, Brighton.


My role has covered multiple standard IT roles, Project Architect, System Architect, SME, BSA and some aspects of project management. For many small to medium sized projects I have been effectively working as the lead technician combining several technical roles with a business facing role. My work is most rewarding when I am given the responsibility and control to drive a project from feasibility to implementation.

Feb - Oct 2002, Royal Bank of Scotland, Central London.


At RBoS I worked on the ground breaking project to transfer and convert all the Natwest data onto the RboS systems. The conversion and integration project was the biggest project of its kind ever implemented anywhere in Europe. £158 billion was transfered in a single weekend implementation from one system to another. The project was a resounding success not least indicated by the sharp gains in the RBoS share price after October 9th. I worked as a systems analyst on the team responsible for mapping data from one system to the other.

July 1997 - June 2001, American Express Europe, Brighton.


At American Express I was the owner of the "design" of several of the statementing systems. During the 4 years many of the statementing systems were updated to DOC/1 architecture and continuously roll fed printers from Sheet fed hardware. New statements were added for new business ventures and additional reward data added to existing statements.

Oct 1994 - Dec 1995, Somerfield Stores Ltd, Bristol.


Lead designer for a project to extract inventory data held on the mainframe and host it to the Store Inventory Management (SIM) PC system. Responsibilities included specification of programs, supervision of programmers, system test planning & execution, implementation planning and Support for implementation. The SIM system was successfully rolled out to all Somerfield stores streamlining the supply chain and making significant saves.

April - Oct 1994, Sun Life Assurance Society, Bristol.


Sun life had recently converted all its core mainframe systems to IBM. I was part of a small team which analysed all the mainframe systems to identify their design constraints, suggest soultions and cost the various options to remove those constraints. My special responsibility was the DB2 database aspect.

Aug 1992 - April 1994, American Express Europe, Brighton.


DB2 consultant and developer for the new A4 sized billing system (now called the Customer Relationship Statementing system CRS). Performance tuning of DB2 calls, Design and development of batch and Online CICS DB2 modules. Acceptance test coordinator and implementation support. The system prints bills in all European languages, Arabic and many Asian scripts.

Oct 1990 - Jan 1992, Audit of Great Britain, West London.


Analyst programmer designing and developing batch and online COBOL/DB2 systems. The barcode database was particularly challenging because of its size and the speed it needed to be accessed. Systems record television viewing figures and consumer purchasing market research.

Oct 1989 - May 1990, Storehouse Retail Services, Luton.


Designing, developing, testing and implementing a CSP/DB2 Online system. The system automated the production of contracts and implemented a client server name and address system.

Jan - Oct 1989, Dept of Employment (through Anderson Consulting)


Designing the online dialogue for registering new unemployment benefit claims. Design of online screens and shells, dialogue flow. Supervision of junior Analysts.

June - Dec 1988, Thames Water (through Anderson Consulting)


Analyst programmer designing and developing a Pay-roll Management Information system in CSP/DB2. Focus reporting programs were also built.

Feb 1987 - March 1988, Shell UK (through Anderson Consulting)


Developing COBOL/CICS, Focus and CSP applications as part of the Oil Stock tracking system. Also gave on-site demos at Shells refineries of the implemented system as part of the user training program.